News January 2017

  • I am delighted to accept a new role this year as president of Visual Arts Scotland. For information about VAS, and it’s fundamental and vital role in promoting contemporary art and craft in Scotland, please click on the link. This is an exciting and challenging role, and I very much look forward to engaging with it.
  • I am currently showing paintings, drawings and etchings in Cause and Effect at the Tatha Gallery, Newport-upon-Tay. The show runs until 25th February. I will be talking at the gallery on Wednesday 8th February. Please contact the gallery for details.
  • I will be talking on the 4th of February at the Printmaking in Scotland symposium at Edinburgh Printmakers.
  • I am Project Artist for Hawick Flood Protection Scheme. The public art for this has passed phase one (in summer 2016), which was an ambitious and successful program of community engagement, and we are currently seeking funding to progress to phase two. This involves the detailed design and visualisation of an ambitious and sensitive public art installation, emerging from the community engagement.
  • The next solo exhibition of my work will be in May 2017 in London, with the Sarah Myerscough Gallery.